Publishing Services

Looking to have your book published and don’t know where to start? Vicky Andriotis Publishing can help. You submit your manuscript, we’ll take care of the rest.  From begin to end — design to print, and all the details in between—let us turn your dream into a finished product.

Price Quotes include: Assignment of an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) “What is the purpose of an ISBN? To establish and identify one title or one unique edition of a title from one specific publisher. An ISBN allows for more efficient marketing and cataloging of products by booksellers, libraries, universities, wholesalers, and distributors.”

A Bar Code with the ISBN and Retail Price of your book embedded in it (“Bar code scanning is used in the U.S. by major bookstore chains for book publications and book-related items.”)

Layout and Design of manuscript into a properly formatted document that is ready for printing and follows traditional book publishing standards. This may include (but is not limited to) the addition of front matter including title and copyright pages, as well as adding sections, headers/footers, arrangement and numbering of pages, and changing typefaces and font sizes.

5 Free Copies of your finished product (includes shipping)

One page website, hosting, and domain name (Includes 1 year of hosting, basic design, and an available domain name).

We will make your book available through at least two sales channels (including Amazon). Each show your book as “in stock” at all times. The website we set up for you will link to these sales channels.

Other Benefits: You maintain ALL the rights / copyright to your book.

Set Your own Retail Price

Black and white books with full color covers (on cream or white paper). Full color books also available (on white paper).

Choose from several standard book (trim) sizes : 4.18 x 6.88 Grocery Store Paperback ,5 x 8 Standard Paperback , 6.625 x 10.25 Comic , 7.5 x 9.25 Technical Manual , 8.5 x 11 Letter Size – Various other sizes available depending on use and page count.

At an additional cost, we can also provide cover and spine design services.

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