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Vicky Andriotis

Read the Interview:  Artist Closeup

Artist & Photographer - Photo Contributor for Getty Images & Adobe - Author of the Prayer in Poetry book series.


Vicky Andriotis’s latest works are currently on exhibit and can be purchased through the Westport River Gallery in Westport, CT.  She is an official sketchbook artist of the  Brooklyn Art Library in Brooklyn, New York , where her sketchbooks can be viewed and are part of their permanent collection.  Her sketchbook was included in a show at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston and at the Van's store in Brooklyn. Her work was also featured in Art World News Magazine, VENÜ Magazine, Westport Lifestyle Magazine, and Art & Music Magazine online (Saatchi Gallery of London's official magazine) several times. She has also been profiled by Art World News Magazine and the Boston Voyager and featured in the "Thought Provokers" section (see above for articles).  In her spare time, Vicky can be found studying Modern Art, the Impressionists, and Philosophy through the Department of Continuing Education, University of Oxford, as well as studying Textiles and Design through Parsons School of Design/The New School (NYC).


Additional works can be purchased through Saatchi Art (see links on the contact page for works available for purchase online).  To purchase her designs on apparel, textiles, living, and décor , follow the "where to buy" link, above .     



Born in Athens, Greece in 1968, Vicky Andriotis is a painter of moods, habitual observer, and autodidact. Vicky began sketching in earnest  on the day her father died, when she was 10 years old.  As a child, this was the only way that she could adequately convey her emotions and her journey.  

Vicky continued to paint throughout her life, even dabbling in Orthodox iconography, though her art was by heart and not yet by trade.  But the passion reignited with a fierce sense of urgency when her husband of twenty years died suddenly at the age of 43.  As she did when she was a child, Vicky let her art speak for her.  She began to sketch and paint incessantly.  Soon after the loss of her husband, Vicky decided to put into action the lesson that death had come to teach her once again.   She knew that it was here to teach us to live eagerly, urgently, purposefully, and fearlessly…with eyes open, with wonder, and with awe. It was and is here to tell us that we must stop wasting time, because there's no time to waste.  And she knows that if any of us have a gift, we must share it.  If we have a passion, we must pursue it.   This lesson was driven home again after the loss of her brother in 2018.

Working primarily in acrylic on canvas, Vicky’s work varies in style, but embraces and favors Fauvism, Expressionism, often Impressionism, and occasionally Abstract art. Her work is often bold and dramatic, and intensely colorful. Born from passion, emotion, and necessity, the art is meant to bring the observer to their emotional edge, but without fear of falling over, as they safely return to their own worlds after peeking inside of hers.

“My art is emotion in motion. When I have no words, I let the colors fall to the canvas and speak for me. Sometimes, they express things I didn't know I had to say. Art is not really a choice for me. It feels necessary to my existence, my serenity, maybe even my survival...And it is my story, my experiences, and the emotions that come with them that shape my art today.”




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